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General Penitentiary Lyrics

General, general, general penitentiary, general penitentiary

Down in the dump cell, where I can't take no smell
It's like a oven baking for 2 thousand years
When the morning comes, I & I would run to get some tea
HerSay dreadlocks you don't come here
To drink pea soup and fatten ooh oh


As time and time go by
It's the set for the same everyday
So if you can't do the time don't bother with no crime

Cause the food that you take to save your life can let you lose it the same


It's a warehouse of human slavery
And it doesn't help for a person who need a weekly salary
So if your eyes can't be fulfilled and satisfied
A lot more to come and see those chastised mmmmmm yeah

e comes the boss with his baton

Song writer(s): Michael Rose

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Black Uhuru - Guess Who
is the track #3 from the album Guess Who's Coming to Dinner which is released on 1979. Genre: Reggae | Record Label: 1988 Rounder
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