Oh my buetiful grace how do you do what you do I can never get my mind off the fact or the fiction that you want to be with me forever I would purpose but I think you would say no. *music* Everyday goes by without a reason to forgive the feeling about the hurtful THING THAT YOU DID I still cant beilaeve what you did YOU went and broke the promise that you said you would keep then I threw away the ring and never went back to that day ever ever ever again. Untill the day I saw your face on the T.V screen and it said you were killed because of a drunk driver. the next few months my world fell apart it came crashing in the buildings fell down the roads collapsed in all the people that I knew or cared about Died and went THAT VERY SAME DAY IT HAPEND I TOOK MY OWN AND WENT WITH EVERYONE. (end)

Song writer(s): Luke W. Walker, Anne Preven, Jacob Mark Pitts, Ashley Purdy, Andrew Biersack
Official Black Veil Brides website: www.blackveilbrides.net

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