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Caress my secret
It's all that I have
I'm keeping it needly
Under my bed
All my reflections
They do what they like
But they can't convince
It sounds kike a lie.
Slip though my fingers
Down to the glue
My live, you can't reach me
I hope you don?t move from here.

I look in the mirror
What should I be,
Come and heal my fever
You know how it feels
I cannot take it
I'm down on the lane.
You get what you wanted
I'm risking my face
I'm tasting your flavour
And fall into grace
Where is my secret,
You took it away!

Hold on my fever
A act like a fool
What you?re receiving
Is completing the rules.
I can't conceal it
It's all in the game
I can?t reveal it
But I?m not the one to blame

Caress my secret
It was all that I had
I've kept it so needly
Under my bed
I tried to protect it
But you took it away
Now it's your secret
All night and all day

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Blackmail - Friend or Foe? (Remastered)
is the track #10 from the album Friend or Foe? which is released on 2003-05-26. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2020 Unter Schafen Records
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