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Smash The Crystal Lyrics


Trapped inside her crystal ball
You feed her the future, you tell her all
Life and death, she feels is in her hands
She's the one who dies by your command

Eyes in the crystal
Face in the mirror
A voice in the back of your head

Smash the crystal
Smash the mirror
Or the witch's curse will leave you dead

The witch speaks of the dreams you've seen
A divine message of light
If you look into her crystal ball
Your future will end tonight

(1st, 2nd, & 4th solos MB) (3rd solo LL)

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Blind Illusion - The Sane Asylum (Bonus Tracks Version)
is the track #6 from the album The Sane Asylum which is released on 1988. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2015 World In Sound
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