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It's a bleeder
Hit me like a train
Got me hot like a fever
4 a limited time
My life was a breeze
I liked the way you looked
How we'd laugh
How you'd tease
But things changed
I know you've noticed
We like to tear apart
the hearts that once showed us
How to CUM together
Be as one
Say forever
How could of we of known
that these bonds could be severed

I've realized we will never have our break through
We are not the same
That doesn't mean I hate you
I'll be alone
Thats the way I was made
I have a tendency to lose my mind
I know now
The history that made me
Off balance
My vices still control me
I understand how I could leave you SOURED
I stay up late at night
and get paid by the hour

Ya, I feel the rhythms
That echo in your head
when you're in bed soundly sleeping
I take my fingers and run them through your hair
Your body turns away like you just don't care
I see the signs
The expression on your face
To them I'm somebody
To you a disgrace
When I said I DO
How could I have known?
That lying her with you
I could feel all alone

Yes it's true
My souls been shake'n
My prides been bruised
My hearts been ache'n
As time's Tic Talks in the back of my head
Another night falls
Another tear is shed
I'm looking out for a dirty twist
Fear a dread lock
Watching my back
Dodging fate like a red dot
Resisting to hate
But I ain't looking for love
Cause the vibes 2 heavy
When push comes to shove

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Blind Iris - Meltdown In Lava
is the track #10 from the album Meltdown In Lava which is released on 2006. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 Cut Lip Records
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