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Rollin' Mama Blues Lyrics

I want you to start in the morning baby : and roll me
with the setting of the sun

I want you to keep it all for your daddy : and don't give
nobody none

And if you get some of my loving : you won't want your
rider no more

You don't have to worry about your loving : I'm a
deep‑sea diver and I don't go wrong

That's why I'm singing : these barrelhouse woman blues

Song writer(s): Willie Mctell, Ruby Glaze

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Blind Willie Mctell - Blind Willie McTell Vol. 2 (1931 - 1933)
is the track #7 from the album Blind Willie McTell Vol. 2 which is released on 1990. Genre: Blues | Record Label: 1990 Document Records
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