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Runnin' Me Crazy Lyrics

Says I'm almost crazy : and I'm all here by myself
All these women about to run me crazy : Lord she's got
someone else

Lord she's about to run me crazy : these reckless women
are worrying me
She don't have to treat me so bad : because she lives in

Lord you'll either run me crazy woman : or either make me
lose my mind
Because you keep me worried : and troubled all the time

Lord these womens will run you crazy : they'll drive your
heart insane
They'll spend all your money : turn around and run you

Well she spent all my money : and then she drove me
And I was almost crazy : because I had nowhere to go

Lord if you got a reckless woman : man don't never let
her break your rule
And when you know anything : you'd be almost crazy with
the blues

Song writer(s): Willie Mctell

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Blind Willie Mctell - The definitive blind Willie McTell
is the track #40 from the album The definitive blind Willie McTell which is released on 1994. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: 1994 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
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