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Weary Hearted Blues Lyrics

Look a‑here pretty mama : I'll tell you what I'll do
I'll make these lonesome dollars : and bring them all
home to you

Now I'm weary : weary‑hearted and blue
And that's why I'm crying : these weary‑hearted blues

I'll give you my money : and baby I *admire*
I does all for you mama : you require

I even hold your head : when you are feeling bad
I sing and dance for you : mama when you sad

I want to tell all you men : nice and kind
You lose your best woman : don't you fool with mine

Now a white man go to the river : take him a seat and sit
The blues overtake him : he jump overboard and drown

Now a colored man go to the river : take him a seat and
sit down
If he takes the blues : he come on back to town

I wants all you men : to let my good gal alone
I'll give her a dollar in the street : and I'll give her
two at home

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Blind Willie Mctell - The definitive blind Willie McTell
is the track #37 from the album The definitive blind Willie McTell which is released on 1994. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: 1994 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
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