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Oh man
I've been nothing
For all month
Can't decide
Whether to scream
Or keep my mouth shut
They say
"You wait, you'll get
Your chance..."
But sometimes that shit
Don't move fast enough
Can I give you
What you need
Mouth's dry
And there's egos to feed
I get cut up
Sometimes I don't bleed
I got a moron inside
It gets anxious
From time to time
No matter
What day what time
He always gets in
The last line
Let's get down to it
I've got ammunition
Now what the fuck
Am I supposed to do with it?
Man it's a pain
Running the gauntlet
Again and again
But I'm used to it
And I've got stupidity
To put me up to it
And it makes me
Want to scream
When I feel those bullets
Rip through me
Can you see through me?
Blast first
I'm prepared for the worst

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Blinding Light - The Ascension Attempt
is the track #4 from the album The Ascension Attempt which is released on 2003-10-14. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2004 Deathwish Inc
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