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Awakening Lyrics

It's no use you don't understand
I thought I knew you I was wrong
This is my wale up call
Now that I'm backed against the wall
Nothing you do can take this away
You can't break what I've fucking made
Nothing you do I stare in defiance
Deny your malice surrender my silence
I can't help that you're stuck there
A victim of your abuse
Trapped in this realty
A few steps from the truth
Camouflaged by your lies corrupted
I never liked you in the first place
Your one step closer to crossing the line
It's time you learn some respect
I'm not even going waste my breath
Mother fucker you're a waste of time
Reflecting with anger before the moment gone
It's time to learn some respect
Nothing you can do can take this away
You can't break what I've fucking made
Trapping in reality a few steps from the truth
The truth from the truth from the truth

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