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Out Of Reach Lyrics

Why are you always trying to manipulate
Corrupting with me your beliefs
What makes you think you have all the answers
You're too ignorant to see the truth
Abusing, neglecting and ready to betray at will
Get a grip on life and take a look at yourself
You're like a disease, infecting me
A parasite infesting my brain
Despite what you say, you can't control me
I won't let you bring me down
I'm stepping away, I'm stepping away
I'm stepping away, away from the bullshit
You seem to think that I'm inferior
Are you superior to me
Undermining everything I say
Unsupporting of my beliefs
You ridicule my every move
Suppressing my innermost thoughts
I'm stepping away, away from your sovereignty
I'm taking my life back, taking my life
Back I'm stepping away, away from the bullshit
I'm taking my life back and taking a step back
I'm taking my life back
So don't turn your back on me
Destructive, infecting, spreading like a disease
You saturate my mind with hate
Controlling I'm not your fucking slave
Don't give a fuck what you say

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Bludgeon - World Controlled
is the track #11 from the album World Controlled which is released on 2006-04-05. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2006 Magic Circle Music Ltd
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