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Save Your Servant Lyrics

How come it seems like it never goes right
Another struggle in this fucked-up life
Consumed by anger, infected with rage
My life will never be the same
Tortured, tormented, left to die
This punishment of war is suffering
Carcasses buried in unmarked graves
Distorted faces start to fade
Bodies emerged in pools of blood
The hollowed voices of the dead
Tortured, tormented, left to die
I'm losing grip of reality
Intoxicated from rotting flesh
A prisoner of my own demise
Your worthless existence why don't you end it all
Why don't you end it all, why don't you end it all
There's no escape from this hell
I'm trapped within myself
Tortured, tormented, tortured, tormented
Tortured, tormented, tortured
Left to die

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Bludgeon - World Controlled
is the track #7 from the album World Controlled which is released on 2006-04-05. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2006 Magic Circle Music Ltd
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