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Sled Zeppelin Lyrics

Oh ho ho ho ho ho
Dashing through the snow
Oh ho ho ho
Over the fields he goes
Oh ho ho ho
Santa's got to go

I'm telling you why
You better not pout or cry
'Cause all those toys he flies
Oh no oh no
Will turn to lumps of coal

Well he read the letter I wrote him
And he was glad glad glad
When he checks the list for who's naughty
It makes him sad sad sad
But he still loves me so
'Cause he's a jolly old soul
He loves you
Oh Santa Claus loves you

Oh ho ho ho ho ho
Santa under the tree
Please please please please!
Ho ho ho ho ho ho Santa ho ho
I have been so good Santa
Ho ho ho I have been good
Ho ho

Oh Santa Santa Santa Santa
I've been good

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