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Chicago Green she was the ice cube queen of blue

She got a tip from Aunt Mary, said.(?somebody?) was
In love with you

She was so nieve,, famous for her childlike mind,

I don't believe she ever opened her bedroom venetian blinds

Already Eddie was unsteady on the levee
Down Home

Down Home

Little Willy was Chicago's boyfriend, a local screw

He done kicking trippy hippies in the head with his

Hobnail shoes
Already Eddie, pitching for pennies, rockin' for bennies,

Wound up in the local hole, without a radio,

And he wrote Aunt Mary said "Momma, it's getting hairy,Down Home."

Well it was late in the morning when Chicago bailed
Eddie on out

Which tripped out Willie, oh man you should've heard

Him shout..

Their way home.

Yeah they wandered off somewhere, they couldn't find

Any road home
You know I'd really like to take her but you know I

Couldn't make her
Down Home.

Down Home, get it in now

Down Home, in the morning

Song writer(s): Bob Seger

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