Chasing the dream no I never pick up the pen
Always assured, but I like it when we pretend
You should be around, they should just say when
You should make time
You should make time for them

My ever changing ghost
I think he loves them the most
He always shows you
When and how and where you went wrong

Always plan but never get things done
And I'll walk in the room and see you all sitting around
The love that you give is such a familiar sound
You just fly straight up and come the fuck down
You see a house fall because you built it on the wrong ground

My ever changing ghost
I think he loves them the most
The most
He always shows you


('Doo' stereo part)

Song writer(s): Jack Steadman
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Bombay Bicycle Club - How We Are - EP
is the track #2 from the album How We Are - EP which is released on 2007-10-22. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2007 Mmm Records
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