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Just Like Me Lyrics

Why in the hell does this keep happenin to me
Every time I find someone and think I can be happy
It's like just in a matter of weeks
We go from A to Z
And I go from knowin to wonderin
Then she goes along and writes another song
That changes the one I used to sing
The songs so beautiful it can't be wrong
But if I take this step, it'll change everything
And I'm about to lose it

If I can get you to think just like me
We'd be happy
My hearts on the brink, it's not what you think...it could be
If I could get you to think just like me
It would be cool
And then the love would be everything it should be

I feel this girl shouldn't be on my mind
But she does all the right things
At the wrong damn times
I should just try it, but NO
I think about crossing that line
I mean, I've been accused so many times for that crime
I might as well ahve
But if I did it I would admit it
Cause it's the path my heart will lead me too
I'm so afraid of what would become of my world
It's the reason why I stand here so confused
And I'm about to lose it


Darlin listen...this is not a dirty thing...it's pure
If we were on the same page...You'd be sure
You see what I see...feel what I feel
Know what I need for our love to heal

This is not a dirty thing...it's for real
All we need is understanding to prevail
You would see what I see...feel what I feel
Know what I'd need for our love


[Repeat chorus]

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