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Sleepin' On The Foldout Lyrics

Sleepin' on the foldout thanks to me and my big mouth
Why did I do what I did
I should'a known better than to lie
But it's too late and so tonight I'm
Sleepin' on the foldout sofa-bed

She wanted me to go and see her family
But I told her that I had to work
I never dreamed she'd get home so dang early
And she caught me cleanin' fish
Out on our back porch
And now I'm


I can't believe they call this thing a mattress
It's 2 a.m. and I'm wide awake
Lookin' back I should'a just been honest
Instead of tellin' her the whole staff
Spent the day out on the lake
And now I'm


Yeah, I'm sleepin' on the foldout sofa-bed

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Brad Paisley - Who Needs Pictures
is the track #10 from the album Who Needs Pictures which is released on 1999-05-18. Genre: Country | Record Label: 1999 Arista Records, Inc
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