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Oh Mommy Lyrics

Oh mommy
I ain't no commie
I'm just doing what I can to live the good all American
It says right there in the constitution
It's really a ok to have a revolution
When the leaders that you choose
Really don't fit the shoes

Oh mister
I ain't no sister
I believe in the bill of rights come on don't you start
a fight
I like to wear my hair long
How can there be anything wrong
When you already 'cused me twice
Of looking like Jesus Christ Hallelujah

I'm only gettin' tired of playing Punch and Judy
I'm really half a mind a go and do my duty
Like Mr. Patrick Henry said
I got to be free or dead

Mr. Nixon
I ain't a fixin'
To speak Spanish on a plane or polish off the liberty
I just want to sit here on the shelf
And watch you finish off the place by yourself
Please let me do what I wanna
I'll just lay around the house and smoke Marijuana

It says right there in the constitution
It's really a ok to have a revolution
When the leader that you made
Just don't make the grade
Oh mommy
I ain't no commie
But I hate to bust your bubble cause there's gonna be
some trouble

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Brewer & Shipley - Tarkio Road
is the track #5 from the album Tarkio Road which is released on 1970. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: Originally Released 1970 SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
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