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She Shall Remain Nameless Lyrics

I guess you got it figured out
You got it sorted in little rows
You got the girls on one side,
The guys on the other
It's all out of control
How could you feel so threatened
By someone you like to ignore
We all know you see me
And please believe me
When you see the score
Look a little closer (look a little closer)


I don't care what you say (I don't care)
They're gonna call me anyway (anyway)
And I don't care how you feel (I don't care)
They like me 'cause I'm real ('cause I'm real)
And I don't care what you do (I don't care)
I'm gonna see whoever I choose (who I choose)
And I don't care if you keep score (I don't care)
'cause no matter how you add it,
The boy's not yours
I don't care if you keep score
'cause no matter how you add it,
The boy's not yours (I don't care)

You're always pushin' and shovin'
Your assets in their face
But it's gonna take more than a gold-cut girl
For you to take my place
Life is not a competition
If it is, you've lost the race
'Cause the melody's all that matters,
Not the piercing on your face
When are you ever gonna learn
That the boy's not yours


I think it's pretty funny
How I thought we could be friends
But you proved to me your unloyalty
And here is where it ends
Your sudden isolation
Doesn't take me by surprise
Because close the door
Now I'm so sure you'll believe in your own lies
When are you ever gonna learn
That the boy's not yours

[Chorus x2]
It might be mine

Song writer(s): Michael Binikos, Jessica Sheely, Brianne Desaulniers
Official Brie Larson website: www.brielarsonmusic.com

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Brie Larson - Finally Out of P.E.
is the track #8 from the album Finally Out of P.E. which is released on 2005-10-16. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2005 Casablanca Music, LLC Manufactured and Marketed by Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc
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