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Aryan Child Lyrics

Child awake now for your Mother she does call,
And you must suckle, at the breast for you to grow.
Untouched by blind faith, you so fair and white,
Your Mother she loves you, gave birth to you future

So wake from your bed, and raise your head
Aryan child, listen to what is said
So rise your hand and learn to love your land
For the white revolution needs your uncorrupted hand.

The miracle of life is in you and when you grow,
Your parents will guide you, keep you an the straight &
White pride & truth is all that you will hear,
So when you grow you'll fight for your nations needs

Child awake now for your lands been robbed & sold,
By men of high finance, the truth you must be told.
What your ancestors fought for, sacrifice untold,
Has all been stolen by bankers of the Jewish fold.

Now Aryan Child the map is set out right,
The best it will be done for you, but its only a
guiding light
Gather your wits and the youth within your fold,
so you'll achieve victory for Valhalla & the glory it

Innocent are your life has only just begun,
But you will live to see the new dawn the rising sun.
Those spirits above Odin he watches you now
For when the sun rises to Valhalla you will go.

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Brutal Attack - White Pride White Passion
is the track #5 from the album White Pride White Passion which is released on 2002-01-01. Genre: Alternative Folk | Record Label: 2002 Brutal Attack
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