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Who Do You Want For Your Love Lyrics

Oh hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh, well I ain't got nothing
I got nothing to say
To the right man
I don't mean nothing
I got nothing to feel
For the right man
I ain't got nothing
You been running away
From your one
Who do you want for your love
I got nothing
Take my time
I'm a wild one
And if I'd ever tried to lover instead
Lord, I'm like a son
Yeah, I don't know whose to blame
The same way as he
Who do you want for
I ain't messin' 'round your head
Don't you ever turn your back on a friend
So ye come girl to my bed
Armed and ready, come to bed, bed
Well I've been getting bad vibes
Living in the smoke
Try and tell a good friend
But it sounds a joke
Giving up the good things
Changing all my ways
It is going bad girl
Now I will be saved
Yes, I wish I could be strong
Living with the good winds
That I waited long
Oooh now
Hear me calling out your name
Here's a lesson that you gave
Don't you do that, do it bad
Keep your cool girl
Pay your debt
Oh hear me moving
Hear me moving
Hear me moving
Hear me moving
Working fast
Working working working, hear me please

Song writer(s): Anthony Bourge, Burke Shelley

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