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Here's to all the dinosaurs that ruled the world from
Timbuktu to Texas
Here's to Stegosaurs and Brontosaurs and yes, of course,
Tyrannosauraus Rexs
Some say a meteor meant your end some say the C.I.A.
Whichever way it was here's to you because
I'm hoping you'll come back some day

Here's to all the dinosaurs that play guitar in dingy
bars and hotels
You never made the cover of the Rolling Stone but you
cover Rolling Stone songs very well

Arthritis may make solos tough (don't say I didn't warn
But don't break up the band, the free world needs you and
I still love when you play "Hotel California"

So here's to all the dinosaurs who've been with us for oh
so very long
Yes, this is for the dinosaurs because every dinosaur
deserves a song.

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Burning Hell - Happy Birthday
is the track #2 from the album Happy Birthday which is released on 2008-01-01. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2008 Weewerk
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