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I Know Who You Could Be Lyrics

I know who you could be, an innocent who will save me. I
know who you could be, another boy who will wake me.

Haphazard dentistry and stars will fill me up. And it
sounds funny when we kiss, like water drips.

I know who you could be, a Pagliacci to take me. I know
who you could be, a desperado to break me.

Could you be sure and safe from harm in my dead arms?
Poor baby, don't be so strung out when I'm so proud.

And I'll prepare, I'll rip a page from every book you've
ever read. Don't blame me, I had a vision and a whole
philosophy on how things ought to be.

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Butcher Boy - Profit In Your Poetry
is the track #7 from the album Profit In Your Poetry which is released on 2007-03-05. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2007 How Does It Feel To Be Loved
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