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I Have Questions Lyrics

Why did you leave me here to burn?
I'm way too young to be this hurt
I feel doomed in hotel rooms
Staring straight up at the wall
Counting wounds and I am trying to numb them all
Do you care, do you care?
Why don't you care?
I gave you all of me
My blood, my sweat, my heart, and my tears
Why don't you care, why don't you care?
I was there, I was there, when no one was
Now you're gone and I'm here

I have questions for you
Number one, tell me who you think you are
You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart
Number two, why would you try to play me for a fool?
I should have never ever ever trusted you (I have questions)
Number three, why would you, who you swore that you would be
I have questions, I got questions haunting me

I have questions for you, I have questions for you
I have questions, I have questions for you

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Camila Cabello - I Have Questions - Single
is the track #1 from the album I Have Questions - Single which is released on 2017-05-22. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2017 Simco Ltd under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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