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Taxonomic Days Lyrics

and diagrams
Yes i am surrounded
by reports to read
My notes and maps
to analyse and study
Piles of books and spread out sheets
Looking for connections
Look for answers
Leading further on

Guess and speculate
on signals hints and pointers
What’s logical and
I stare too long
the image will be clearer
But it seems no matter how
hard I try, no matter how I connect the dots
no image

This has taken hold of every thought, it’s always on my
Perhaps I’ll have to start all over. If I drop it now
Maybe it will be gone forever,
if I loose my trail of thoughts
Maybe I’ll miss the one connection, crucial to this.

There’s always something more,
leading to the core.
If here’s no end to what I start?
afraid there is no heart,
What if there is no central part?
No answer that is whole?
What if here is no end to what I start?
No answer that is whole?

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Carptree - Insekt
is the track #1 from the album Insekt which is released on 2007-03-20. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2007 FOSFOR Creation
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