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The Fisher King Lyrics

Chorus: Just down the road and to the left
It’s never been any further
To find the thing you never lost
who serves, who serves the grail

Are you the one that’s common born, a fool in many ways
Have you searched half your life, looking for some Holy Grail?
Did you see it in a dream, a vision once when you were young?
Does the circle lead you back, to the place where you begun.


Are you the one he left behind, or was it you to finally leave
The one that always wore your heart, out for anyone to see
Brow to brow and side to side, palm to palm and Toe to toe
Had you really no idea, how far and deep an echo goes


Are you the pilgrim on the road, are you the hermit in the wood
Have you followed what you know, what you want or what you should
Have you learned a thing or two, have you wondered at the time?
In your dark night of the soul, am I the one you thought you’d find

Grace and laughter, ever after, sorrow folds her hands together
Was it all and did you mean it,
In the dark you’ve always seen a
Bright and shining true idea

I am the wound that will not heal. I am the song you cannot sing
I am the endless restless ache. I am I am the fisher king
And all that I can ask of you, is do what small good that you can
Speak the words that hear, and meet me where I am


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Carrie Newcomer - The Gathering of Spirits
is the track #5 from the album The Gathering of Spirits which is released on 2002-09-17. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2002 Rounder
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