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Cyclone Of Rye Cove Lyrics

Oh listen today in a story I tell
In Sadness and tear dimmed eyes
Of a dreadful cyclone that came this way
And blew our schoolhouse away

Rye Cove (Rye Cove) Rye Cove (Rye Cove)
The place of my childhood and home
Where in life's early morn I once loved to roam
But now it's so silent and lone

When the cyclone appeared it darkened the air
Yet the lightning flashed over the sky
And the children all cried 'don't take us away
And spare us to go back home'

There were mothers so dear and fathers the same
That came to this horrible scene
Searching and crying each found their own child
Dying on a pillow of stone

Oh give us a home far beyond the blue skies
Where storms and cyclones ar unknown
And there by life's strand we'll clasp this glad hand
Their children in a heavenly home

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