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What About Me Lyrics

What about me
What about me x2

Caouse every word you say I find myself mistaken
Can’t you see were not the perfect combination
Caouse you got what you want
But I’m the one in need
With every breath I take
I fake the right impression

On & on & on
And it go’s
On & on & on

what about me
(what about me,what about me)
What about me now
(what about me,what about me)
If you don’t like the way I do
You better leave now
So what about me yeah
(what about me,what about me)
What about me now
(what about me,what about me)
I’ve got nothing left to say
I’m breaking free now


You want me for you’r touch
But you don’t seem to care
I need to get away & fight this sweet sarender
So help me with my heart
You hurt me like no other
It’s killing me inside
I need to run for cover



Can you tell me why
You had to throw it all away
Don’t wanna spend another night in desspration
Excuse me
Are you talking to me?


Song writer(s): Yann Peifer, Allan Eshuys, Manuel Reuter, Allan Eshuijs
Official Cascada website: www.cascadamusic.de

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Cascada - Evacuate the Dancefloor
is the track #10 from the album Evacuate the Dancefloor which is released on 2009-07-06. Genre: Dance | Record Label: 2009 Robbins Entertainment LLC
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