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Dreams Of Nothingness Lyrics

Like the autumn song of winds
Like a deadly beauty and melancholy
Into the eyes of exiled one, It's not a sin
I hear the call of great winter's queen
In every dream I felt her cold near and near
Drowning into the seas of endless fear
Let ancient ones enlighten my ways
And burn body that now decays
Masters, the dwellers of emptiness
Give the chance to consume the earth
Enrich thy powers with my blood and sadness
And see how the Truth rise in the north
By the starry eyes behold my naked soul
Cleaned from the power of great lie
He shall never take the control
Tortured by kings of the eternal skies

Forever encircled with chaos I wait
The greatest of event of severance
Breaking one by one the gates of light
Comprehending the truth and my essence
Enlightened was I am since inhaled the air
Striding ahead toward the utter emptiness
That was before begin of all beginnings
Hating this existence, praising the darkness
We shall decide destiny of the galaxies
Executing the Prophecy of ancient ones
Getting that treasures that I've missed
Blaming and torturing one crowned-with-thorns
Connected in entire in the nothingness
Crowned by the great mother Darkness
Melancholy shall be frozen with desire
Realm ruled by illusion shall be eaten by hellfire

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