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Love's Gonna Getcha Lyrics

Chorus X2: Before you know it, man, love's gonna getcha; And there ain't nowhere to run when it hits ya; ????????????? And you'll be left with all the pieces to pick up. [Chali 2na] Yo, well you can front if you want to; But what you will and what you won't do; Let me tell you, soon as love takes a handle of your body there ain't nothing that you can do; Now, everybody done felt that from fist fights; To get your love when they get they {Shit} right; It can happen from poor folks to rich types; Your woman cheated Cuz she think that you don't hit right; But she don't understand the man is a psycho; A bad temper fool; Hate, Jealousy might flow; heh, When he opened the door, it was the sight of his life, He saw his brother on the floor with his wife; Now can you tell me, as a man would you take that? Or would you reach for his neck and try to break that? you be the judge; See, love makes you do the strangest things, when it infects your heart, and it changes things; It's called love. Chorus X2 Now are you ready for the comeback? 2na talkin' 'bout love on this drum track; One fact: All good, but in one act; Love will stick you in the ass like a thumb tack; It's un-cool, when you dealin with the friendship; One-sided, all give, and it's no get; ??????? Keep the people you trust next to yo {shit}; (When you dealin' with love) Cuz certain people tend to walk that line, then behind yo back,{FUCK} that grind; (When you dealin' with love) This {shit} will hit you with domestic crime, with dead bodies in the chalk out-line; (When you dealin' with love) Just be careful; Cuz there ain't nothing on this earth that can compare to; Beware of certain false words but appear true; and stay loyal with the ones that you dear to; That's when you dealin' with love. Chorus X2 Moral of the story is; Love is treated like it's small, when it's really big; Many kids get treated like guinea pigs; People's hearts get crushed, like skinny twigs; In the rush to satisfy the human urge; The feelin' is transferred by usin' words; Like this, cuz up the bob the women and men have been touched, by the chemically react of adrennaline rush we call love. Chorus X4

Song writer(s): Scott Storch, Quietus Khan, Charles Stewart
Official Chali 2na website: www.chali2na.com

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Chali 2na - Fish Outta Water
is the track #9 from the album Fish Outta Water which is released on 2009-07-07. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2009 Manphibian Music Decon
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