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Sunstained Lyrics

I looked.
I finally looked to the sun,
And I got sun stained.
I got sun stained
When you looked.
At me, through that glass,
My arm extended.
Only one, the other at my side in a flash bang motion.
Holding a bottle.
It was not of glass,
And it was not of crystal.
I recall it being plastic.
Yeah, it was one of plastic.
You couldn't break it. You looked and tried.
But in the end, it all went frozen.
Everyone else's eyes. Looked straight ahead and smiled,
But my eyes were diverted
I cant say I was ready quite yet. No I wasn't quite ready yet!

I colored on the back of a child's picture, out of sight from everyone
Just like my smile, or was it a frown?
No wait, that was nothing.
When I got sunstained I found that you were sunstained
Everything about me was all

This morning I awoke and I was mistaken
I mistook a scrap of plastic in the wind as a swooping robin.
Yeah, a swooping robin.
Why did I use that color? It was way too yellow, It was way too brown,
It was way too colored.
The day my elbow went straight. I would have sworn it might have broken
It was simply a blessing, the way I held that bottle

My cousin laughed like circus! It was fashion frenzied. Yea, he was so friendly
I colored my hair I tried in once, then I tried it twice, Then I never tried it. I probably should have tried. It.
But then you're simply baffled. But can baffled be so simple?
Well its hardly easy. Yeah, its easily easy.
And yeah, I say it yeah and yeah, I speak in code
But that'll make things simple
Wont yeah make it simple?

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Chaos Con Queso - Ghost Town
is the track #3 from the album Ghost Town which is released on 2007-09-25. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2009 Chaos Con Queso
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