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Come Around Lyrics

Charles Hamilton's Come Around
Boy I'm high as a kite and I don't wanna come down no
Blowin sticky green by the pound
Got me dancin around and singin like a clown yeah
Gonna give me the run around
Cause I ain't tryna run unless I'm runnin for the crown yeah
Never ever am I dumbing down
I can only smarten up and make you stupid nigga frown ah

Livin Music check the address dog
Best there is best there was Rap Bret Hart
They ain't got skills and they have less heart
But I'm nasty like a stripper with mad stretch marks
My dad blessed charles with a passion for blackin
If this track was a women I'd be my dad when I smack it
Beat it, get it pregnant when I lyricaly skeet it
Free it and make the bitch find jesus
He is, the shit y'all niggas loose I'm a king you a bishop
Nigga fall for the juice, charles is the truth
Damn near catholic when I spill it all in the booth
You can see my bars fall from my tooth
So I only bite the style just to pour vemon through
Poor little you, before you were cool
Now you're just a loser
You bore people dude
You would need a different between a ford and a coupe
One's got style, substance and swag
The others just for drivin door to door with the news
Paper, haters wanna stress me out
Mad I bagged they girl with three words "Let's be out"
And fuck with only 2, come here I beat it one night
More than you did in one year
These dudes diss me(haha) just to screw with me
I treat them how I treat my ex bitch "I'm too busy"
Can't see straight homie because I'm too piffy
Set the spots all pink lookin too spiffy
I rolled only but you know I got a crew with me
Leave you with More holes to make two 50's
Double massacre you and your man wise eyeing?
I'm rich you tryna get me you might die trying
Not near nigga holdin my spot
Y'all niggas is barry bonds the public thinks it's dope
But you know that it's not BUMBACLOT...

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