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Overflow Lyrics

Oh it hurts when I hear no sounds
Left with just ghosts surrounding

Now ive felt her, give me shelter anytime
Kiss my ego,make me feel so undefined
Pour me full of cotton wool and candlelight
Gonna shake me always makes me handle right

All surrounding soundtrack here to synchronise
My stride (punk soul you no you need it all)
Always gonna have this here by my side
(sit bitch scratch that music)
my heads overflowing till the tripped out sounds all peak
(over flow cant seem to let it go)
no matter how its going, its gonna make the way side
(over flow turn off that rock an roll)

take a hit from every bit of clarity
this elixir will eclipse reality
know its right to fight my apathy
darkened clouds are not aloud to worry me

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Chikinki - The Balloon Factory (B-Sides & Rarities)
is the track #14 from the album The Balloon Factory which is released on 2005. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2005 Urban Cow Records
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