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Drugs And Sunshine Lyrics

I miss the drugs and the sunshine
and the make-up on your face
your legs can't be real
and your skin must be fake
let's throw a party for our last breath
our friends can come and watch us dream
what are they gonna do to my body
when they unplug me from the machine?

you should stay east
and I'll go west

I heard you got a dirty trick
up your sleeve
but girl, look at your calender
it says: I'm gonna leave

I miss the girls and the street lights
and always sleeping late
I'm getting bored with the tabloids
my mouth needs a new taste
let's disappear into a glass house
i can use your tongue to get clean
and when the medicine runs out
they'll unplug me from the machine

you should stay east
and i'll go west

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Chinese Stars - The Chinese Stars Live At the Casbah 03/12/2005
is the track #7 from the album The Chinese Stars Live At the Casbah 03/12/2005 which is released on 2005-03-12. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2005 Re Live
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