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Bright Morning Lyrics

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"Bright Morning"

What a bright morning
When the light falls in
And the head feels quite O.K.
All the tasty drinks
Graced by sweet hot things
Last night blew the pain away

Of course I cant remember why I got home alone
Lay in my bed, the day's ahead and sends me invitations
I like this shiny morning, no clock no noise no phone
Think back the night, keep smilling wide, im chilled and go to move slow

I think about that nice bash, affairs I should regret
Perhaps there where some things to care but yesterday is over
My mind extracts the good ones, the bad ones I'll forget
What was the start, the entering part, the gate to this great evening

It took a piece of hard work to get a date with her
I dont know why, without goodby she left after the first touch
An unexpected setback and something must occur
There is no doubt the party crowd saved the night for pleasure

The whole time im in motion and think what's fun to do
Just hope and pray for holiday to join the new adventure
I can not stay consistent, try always to renew
What I got counts a lot, where's another big shot

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