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Ball Everywhere I Go Lyrics (Feat.. Lucky)

Chorus: Lucky Luciano
I ball everywhere I go (Where I go)
I got a Benz
I don't crawl on them '84's ('84)
The ladies love us
Cause our song on the radio (Radio)
We fin' to take 'em to the
Tele, make a video
A video, I said
I ball everywhere I go (Where I go)
I got a Benz
I don't crawl on them '84's ('84)
The ladies love us
Cause our song on the radio (Radio)
We fin' to take 'em to the
Tele, make a video
A video

(Verse 1)
[Chingo Bling] Mercedes Benz
Lot of bragger
Done more shows than Mick Jagger
Gots a Visa
On a cracker
Track jacker
Rock ostrich
Rock gators
Custom boots
Now and later
Black on black like Darth Vader
Prada lens
'Sache shader
Hit the pen
Hit the pencil
Down around the buildin' when I do it in still
Hey, little kid, no touch my Benzo
Paris Hilton went in my limo
[Lucky Luciano] Ay, you don't know, she my baby boo
[Chingo Bling] Down south, we bangin' Screw
Ball fades and braids, too
Where Dem Dollars At, like Gangsta Boo
In Miami
Havin' lunch
Sign a deal with such and such
Puff Daddy ain't have enough
Chingo Bling gon' platinum plants
Just like the teeth is
In my mouth
Thirty stacks
On the couch
Hundred grand
Pulled it out
Take the rubberband off, threw it in the crowd

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
[Chingo Bling]
Jeezy got 'em for seventeen
Ross got 'em for twenty-two
They both got 'em from you-know-who
They keep that off MTV News
Break bread
With a Mexican
Price low
I ain't taxin'
Think I had sex with Janet Jackson
Take a look at me
Who you askin'
Lose a magmun
I ain't trust 'em
Hidden camera
On manosa
Meet Demi Moore on 24
I took that whore from Ashton Cutcher

[Lucky Luciano]
And she pulled over when I tap my foot
Look at me, I have a hood
When I'm done, she'll ride the book
Call me young, man, not a crook
Don't I smell like a bag of money
Mama ain't raised no damn dummy
Smile fade with a fat tummy
Big ol' lobsters, that's from Lucky
Got more cheese than a quesadilla
Texas boy, your oil driller
Fuck swag, I Sas'parilla
Chingo boots, armadillo

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Lucky Luciano] Me and Chingo Bling, we down in Florida
Got three models on a camcorder
Vida Guerra, my bench warmer
Got it in the backseat of that red Ferrari
[Chingo Bling] Mayne!
[Lucky Luciano] Look at the wheels
And now I know how a baby feels
Seen Babyface when he got the deal
Man, I got that whip appeal
Candy Rain, I'm Soul IV Real
Kurt Cobain, all the mobile
I drive for change, blew out the brain
It's drippin' red off the bumper grill
[Chingo Bling] Already
Yeah, that's trill
Like you did that there, now put this here
Bought Cleto a diamond grill
Same day that I got my deal
Brown party
I ain't white
Like Mike Jones, I'm a say it twice
Got more hoes than Brian McKnight
Got more hoes than Brian McKnight
Next door neighbor, Chevy Chase
Got these rocks from out of state
Signed to you, no mama's, wey
C.E.O., all I gotta say

Repeat Chorus

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is the track #5 from the album They Can't Deport Us All which is released on 2007-08-14. Genre: Latin Rap | Record Label: 2007 Big Chili Enterprises, LLC
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