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Interior Crocodile Alligator Lyrics

Chip tha ripper

Now baby I'm Tha Rippeeerrrrrr your baby daddy's worst
Catch me by the Clair I'll be right there
Niggas copy everything we say
Louis frames, eyes lower than my GPA
Ridin and Swirvin, kush I'm blowin
Doors wide, my trunk bump like eddie road
I don't cake hoes I never tip tha stripper
I'm rich bitch, but you can call me cheap tha ripper
Shell toes? Yes
P.R.P.S There's a man riding a horse on top of my chest
Polo fresh, I am z' man
I be slam dunkin tanqueray shots with Lebron
I told niggas keep it Carmello ok?
Rolled past dave's told them hello, inhale
Me and Cash on somthin' holy on 23's hoe
Back windows say MAMA MEL BICHO
Skateboarders grind, I grind too
That's why you can catch me in DC shoes
I quit the team, but believe I'm ballin'
Want a verse put up a stack or quit callin'
30's on my Chevorlete call me supa dupa
Garage like roots I got more whips than Kunta
Rivera sittin on the Bulls best hoopa
Ya'll still ridin 20's? ya'll some oompa loompas
Doors swang on niggas that got bad behavior
My 415's woke up thee neighbors
Interior croc-a-dile alli-ga-tor
I drive a Chevrolet movie theater

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Chip Tha Ripper - Interior Crocodile Alligator (Benny Wonder Remix) - Single
is the track #1 from the album Interior Crocodile Alligator - Single which is released on 2020-10-01. Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2020 Slab Entertainment llc,
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