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Misty Lane Lyrics


Down, Down, Misty Lane
Willow weep in the summer rain
Down, Down, Misty Lane
I wish that we were there again

The gentle grass that rests beneath us
As we lay where no one saw us
On and on our lips together
Each one hoping that the other felt the same

Though now you're gone and summer's passed
The echoes of our love will last
Seasons change and time erases
Other people, other places, you remain

Our days were days of love and laughter
Keeping joyful memories after
You had gone and laughed no longer
Love was strong but time was stronger, so it seems

The secret places that we discovered
Now when winter's rains have covered
Still I find my heart will free you
As I lay to sleep I see you in my dreams


They'll come a day when dreams come true
And I will be embracing you
The love that time has torn apart
Will stay alive inside my heart

(repeat chorus to fade)

Song writer(s): Siegel

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Chocolate Watch Band - I
is the track #6 from the album I'm Not Like Everybody Else which is released on 2015-05-26. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2015 Purple Pyramid Records
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