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Cory's Carnival Lyrics

Officer Friendly kicks off his shift at 9am
Picks up the kids from school and then goes back to bed
His wife would have left him if only she'd known him yesterday
What would the neighbours think?
She was his birthday girl

He knows which way the story goes
He knows how the wind blows

Old Mrs Carver misses her daughter Julia
Waits for the phone to ring beside the stair
Nobody told her
Nobody tells her anything

She is waiting on parades that never come
Always waiting on parades that just won't come

She knows which way the story goes
She knows how the wind blows

And I know it isn't right
But something's up at night in the suburbs
Standing in a line
Wait until we die and then it's over

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Chris Flew - Corporate Love Song
is the track #7 from the album Corporate Love Song which is released on 2003. Genre: Electronic | Record Label: 2003 Chris Flew
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