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All Night Long Lyrics

Oh Lord, oh Lord
Sometimes I feel like crying
Oh but I have a good time sometimes

Oh Lord can you hear me crying
Oh sometimes you got to have a good time
Gonna dance all night
Dance all night

Al night long
Oh Lord you've got to hear me
have a good time sometimes

Life is so hard, so hard, so hard
Can you hear me crying
Sometimes you've got to have a good time
Sometimes you've got to make the sunshine

All night long
Get me woman
Be glad for me baby
And I'll be glad for you

I got a silver dollar
Got to have some fun sometime
I'm gonna dance all night long

Song writer(s): Chris Rea
Official Chris Rea website: www.chrisrea.com

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Chris Rea - Blue Guitars VI - Chicago Blues
is the track #12 from the album Blue Guitars VI - Chicago Blues which is released on 2005-11-20. Genre: Blues | Record Label: 2005 Navybeck Ltd under exclusive license to Edel Germany GmbH earMUSIC is a project of Edel
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