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Cannot Hide Lyrics

CHORUS: You can run but you cannot hide from the truth
that is deep inside (Rom 2:15) You can run but you
cannot hide from the convictions deep inside (Jer 23:24).

His Word is living and active shaper than a double-edged
sword (Heb 4:12) Oh yeah, you cannot run from the Lord
(Psalm 119:16b & Isaiah 29:15) Able to judge the
thoughts and intentions of mankind (Heb 4:12) You can
run but you cannot hide (Heb 4:13). (Chorus).

Take that load off of your dirty conscience, ahhh... (Heb
10:22, Psalm 44:21) Guiltiness has overtaken your
innocence (Psalm 38:4) You cannot drown out this voice
that you hear inside (Prov 28:17) You can run but you
cannot hide. (Chorus).

Tossing and turning in the middle of the night (Dan 6:18)
How do you sleep? Where will you go? (Heb 9:27) What's
gonna happen when you die? (Ecc 12:14) Christ is the
truth and it's Him you must recognize (John 8:32) You
can run, you can run, but you cannot hide (Prov 15:3)
Ahh woe... (Chorus).

A guiltiness rests on their conscience, conscience,
conscience (Act 24:16) A guiltiness rests on their
conscience, on their conscience woe woe (Heb 9:14). (2X).

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Christafari - Gravity
is the track #1 from the album Gravity which is released on 2003-06-10. Genre: Reggae | Record Label: 2011 Lion of Zion Entertainment
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