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Don't Let Go Lyrics

Chorus: Let go why would I? Bounce how could I? your
the sun to the sky and I'm the kid with the good eye

Verse 1:
Let go why would I, bounce how could I, your the sun
the sky I'm the kid with the good eye, better half like
loso, got me goin loco, comparin' me to others yet the
others aint close so, I skip that and see the better
side, cuz everytime I'm coastin you the one that's down
ta ride and every time I'm flyin you the one that's
down to glide so every time we kick you the one to up
my pride ,ya, swag fitted, they had to admit can't get
fly they gon' have to fly with it can't get by they
gon' have to ride wid it till the wheels fall of and we
sky high in it, the cat to my keeper the base to my
speaker the key in the ignition with permission to the
street but see the streets don't end we on a mission to
the heat until we cross the finish line and defeat the

Chorus (repeat 2 times)

Verse 2:

Dreams to reality now we hit reality see I don't wanna
go but I'm addicted to the flows, the highs and the
lows gets better as it goes but question left to know
is the question next to go so why you always trippin'
about the way that I be livin', the reason that I'm
livin is the reason why I'm drivin out south like a new
whip, thinkin on a new tip fall down gettin back up on
my qtip, and when we collide with problem I don't
ignore it see we sittin on the shores to ashore it,
fountain of my mind overflow I gotta pour it cuz
there's not another place in the body I could store it
so I stock it with you, you always kept it true through
the mile , building to tile.... product to the isle....
always keepin in style let's kicks it for a while. when
the kids feelin down he got a reason to smile

Chorus (repeat 4 times)

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Chrome Cats - Rise - EP
is the track #1 from the album Rise - EP which is released on 2010-12-02. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2010 LakeFront
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