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Oh Lovely Divine
I cannot describe You, I will not deny You
Three Beauties entwined
I will not disguise You, I cannot divide You
And Trinity, You gave to me
All that love could ever be
And I intend to show
That who You are brings life to me
My soul You saved in unity
That's all I need to know
Oh Holy Divine
I sing of Your wonders and what
I've discovered
The mystery I find
There's none that compares to, nor will I dare to
It's all I need to know
Now faith, faith and trust, is how
I can hope for
What I do not see
So let, let reason kneel, kneel in surrender
In surrender, in surrender (to my Lord)
And Trinity, you gave to me
Three Beauties entwined
I will not disguise You, I cannot
Divide You.
"Phillip and I have been inspired by A.W. Tozer's The Kingdom of the Holy, St. Augustine's prayers and old hymns-songs that express a strong theological concept. And this is our attempt to sing conceptually about the Trinity, about the wonder and the mystery of something that we don't understand. Through this song we learn how the very thing we don't understand is the very thing that saves us."-Natalie & Phillip

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