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We've traded in our easy chairs for these bar stools
And our remote controls for a bunch of old pool cues
We left our houses all in a row
Cause we've found our home, now

We're all here cause we ain't all there
We got pieces of our broken hearts scattered everywhere
Well ain't home,but it ain't that bad
We ain't happy but we ain't sad
We're all here cause we ain't all there

Woody had a problem with puttin' down the bottle
And ol' Jimmy had a bad habit of runnin' around
And ol' snake eyes he gambled too much
Well i guess one night he just lost his touch
But as for me I've never done a damn thing wrong(yeah right)but


My hound dog's callin' me
I miss by big screen TV
You know I really hate to admit
But I even miss my baby just a little bit

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