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Late Nite Creep Lyrics

(In your ear drums once again)
Late nite creepen
yeah foo we on the late nite creep

Growing up as a lil kid
I always wanted a pair of D's
Slap'em on seven in the mo'nin
and slap on a smooth D
Takin a cruise down the street
brand new shoes on my feet
brand new pairs of 501
and a brand new muscle tee
got my haircut faded
feathered back wit 3 flowers
how you foo's got act on
i got money and the power
all you gimme dirty looks
telling me im drug dealing
cuz im strollin up down the street
breakin neck 3 wheelin
parked at a carwash 4 wheel hopin
bust a spider down the street
little lives cant stop me
all my camaradas roll in a lowrida
homies putin in so much work
that the whole hood will retire
a straight up palionero
never back down from a fight and
the gas leak to my fire
and hitchu up wit dinamite
cuz imma blow up in yo face
when i finally drop the bomb on you
you want some playto wassup ese
watchu wanna do

late nite creepen
yea foo we on the late nite creep x2

Im ridin real slow
move thru the city real late nite
flash backs of vatos sparkin up a gang fight
last nite my homie took it to the
dome wit the crow bar now his whole lifes
lookin dull but I cant cry
Take a sip and I ride
Keep my game tight cuz im drunk and im high
and my homie got a 38 playin wit the trigga
U got yo gun but my clips bigga fo real
the twin glocs in the glove box
and my 12 gauge mosburg in my trunk rock
Its friday nite but aint no flossin cuz
im bailin thru your hood real cautious
im just ridin in a low low cruisin down the calle
crooked lifestyle of the valle
imma take anotha hit sip the 40 OE
bust a left at the lite foo
we on the late nite creep

late nite creepen
yea foo we on the late nite creep x2

with a sak full of huuuuuussshh who strollin rite
behind us a car all full of hynas with high lites tryna
blind us kuz they want attention my yeska and my money
(evil mente why you laughin?)
im laughin kuz its funny roll up another liz iguess its
jus aint no joke toke up kuz all my friends never
denied a
toke spark up another tree baby kuz i aint with it but
you let me hit it then ima let you kick it with the one
and only locoz that can puff and rap and the meltin on
my lines wen i bust that mic strollin on a late night
creep with a funny sack but dnt ask me for no ins kuz
i do pimp slap bad boy foo listen im bad as i wanna be
im high as i wanna be ill ride if you want to see
murder juz kuz im rappin dnt mean that i aint scrapin
ese and i aint single but still you see me mac'n on
that late night creep.

late nite creepen
yea foo we on the late nite creep x4

once again the clika got your vatos hypnotized.

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