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Unspoiled lyrics

always cold inside this glass
trust it's hard, i know this trust will never last
it's never been much of my concern
i've grown in size again, still fine?

sleep it all away, just another day
always me in the corner this way
it's never been much of your concern
you've grown inside again, still fine?

do i look fine to you?
do i seem alright to you?
do i look fine?
do i seem alright - to you?

stay - unspoiled

so spoiled you leave cleaner by day
exposed and lonely forever on display
it's never been much of our concern
we fell apart again, kill time

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Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber
is the track #4 from the album Coal Chamber which is released on 1996. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1997 The All Blacks B V
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