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Common Violence Lyrics

Oh my goodness
You know what it is? look, it's faceless!
I don't know! You don't know? But it started to make sence!
Here comes violence!

Look at this! What a motion sequence!
we are engaged in business!
carry on with a pondering silence!
Here comes violence!

you are the heating surface
you're like empty space
In sufficient time you're the art of expression
you're sentence of death but also act of grace

you are like heating surface
you're empty space
Someday it would be in past and gone to waste in silence
The day the words have been replaced by common violence

What a smart reaction!
Overstimation of words is the best attraction!
Guess we enjoyed for too long the time of balance
Here comes violence!

God bless! And don't forget this sentence!
your brain is full of mentos
Say is it painless if the pain is flawless?
Here comes violence!

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