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From the start of my heartbeat when art was deep in the
To the time of my first rhyme when I was 12 years old
I heard the voice of reason speakin’ from the beacon of
hope – it said:
“I represent with mind, body and soul”
And ever since then I’m questionin’ what I’m told
Explore the options when I’m stoppin’ at the fork in
the road
The effect of my actions left a crack in the mold
I represent with mind, body and soul

Somatic maggots inhabit the trappings of the tyrant
They bag, flag it, drag it back inside the cave
I’m trackin’ the pattern of havoc to stab it with the
The class of pragmatic shack up in the enclave
Rumor has it it’s a war outside no man is safe from
I prefer the grave to the fate of desolation
Sling blade, slice it into eighths – it’s a miracle
Properties of these are three-dimensional – spherical
Tropic of discussion – Capricorn will rival Cancer
Polyglot address me in the manner of a stammerer
Hold the title manager – author of the document
Sworn to secrecy the morning he performed the sacrament
Duty to the derelict – I’m six generations of rap
Savin’ the tape for the day I came back
Words preserved – testimony to the tournament
Clock wins again – hold my spot up in the firmament
Virgin turned vanguard – the rod draws the line in the
Serpentine along Medina’s floor plan
Hard to follow – death will free the swallow from the
Bury feathers and collect the treasures with the Jack
of Spades
Steel pierce the epidermis of the earth
Heart pump concrete – from beneath the skirt she bleeds
Streaks of streets, we traverse the first cycle
Network connect net-worth – thirst is primal
Scream for the sake of sound to force the barrier back
Hurdle up and over the verbal torch carrier
Sharp turns, muscles in the lower calf burn
The last to finish has his position affirmed
Track’s run simulcast – lapse syndication
Tell the magnate hell can wait – practice patience
Majors always wanna push the up-tempo game pace
I favor simple – evaluate the info
Screen print matter – coat the data in emulsion
Teen Clint Eastwood – heard your childhood was
Watch the way the sharks play the cards they’re dealt
Overcoming the odds, well that’s a way to create wealth
Stay healthy – balance out your diet with some labor
Make a difference in the system with the wisdom that I
gave ya
Save for my dominion all the planets vanish instantly
The key to infinite existence is within the trinity


Pop press a plate-a-day: mass distribution
Lack of proper standards contributes to pollution
Who depends on agency protection from the acid rain?
Through the trinity your alkalinity is ascertained
I got digital minerals by the gram
Shots vary, but my apothecary stocks jams
Hot damn – push the cart around the town square
peddlin’ wares
Observin’ how the merchants meddle in affairs
It’s pointless – keepin’ your finger on the pulse of a
dead horse
That trend ends, “that’s when ya lost”
Nine-trinity to Infinity – bless faith kept
Son I got methods I aint even played yet
Put the record on – straight flush, weight crush
Snort a line – forge across the borderline of Thessalon
Campin’ out in Corinth, passin’ through Estonia
Remnants of the message echo back to Macedonia
Homer’s had that spot blown for two millennia
Is it possible this ‘odyssey’ is not linear?
Gravitate to logic – talk about a waste
Writin in my ‘launch’ pad, I’m like a rock in outer
Blast to orbit – first to volunteer, last to forfeit
All I need is one mic mounted in the cockpit
Static interferes with my communiqué to Houston
Steeped in the syrup makes it hard for me to move them
Sublime clientele – only time’ll tell if more are with
Though the core, itself, is serendipitous
Cin cin – to the fam a toast to prosperity
Even in my absence I’mma oversee the legacy
Dedicate one to Bambataa if it’s not too much to ask
Fashion the future to refract the past
Luminosity – ultra-violent rays graze the temple
We play the tympani to save the trinity…

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Common Market - Common Market
is the track #8 from the album Common Market which is released on 2005. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2009 Mass Line
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