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Angel Of Death Lyrics

What everybody, young killers and hustles. I'm back,
with that Angel of Death LP. Anticipated like ah
muthufucka. Conejo stay banging, peep game.

I'm the Angel of Death, and what this is
The drug you feel the most, adrenaline pumping
CON, EJ thirty-six O's
Fuck ah kitchen cash ready, for ah hundred bullet holes
BRAAA!! I fucking spray that ass
Anthrax the class, and flee with the mass
I cause pain, enemies laid out
It's the Angel of Death, that came to cash them out
Bling bling man, it's time to do this thing
Ese I'm the ring leader, the fucking kingpin
I'm gangster foo, like ah Tommy gun
Like ah pound ah glass, that'll leave ya spun
The streets calling me, so it's not much further
Oversee all my soldiers that's involved in murders
I fucking brake them foo's, that tried to get at me
That ah soon leadership, and dope trafficking

Im the Angel of Death. I came to wipe the muthufucking
table clean, that's right let's face it. Fake ass
rappers couldn't fuck with the H even if you wanted
too. I'm The Angel of Death, I'll blow your brains out.
Leave your whole crew laid out. Watch out when the Inks
coming through. Feel me on this one, feel me on this

When this shots hit your neck, you ah pretzel for life
This freedom stop, I stay reloading the glock
For this rappers, that belong to nothing
Imagine every gangs that imagine they busting
Mastermind in his primes suspect and target
I murder all my rivals and would leave 'em retarded
Ese highly motivated, to make some cash
Let's smoke ah muthufucka, and rob that ass
Then twist the Kush, and check this foo's
The eagle has landed, dropped the fuck out of school
I'm here to learn you foo, you fucking failure to
With your played out ways, and your weak ass beats
You ain't balling cousin, I'll leave you puzzled
H gang cartel, is all about that smuggle
Drug runners, flee critical charges
Fugitive indictments that control the substance

I'm The Angel of muthufucking Death, Conejo RIP.
From the infamous, notorious, West Side Harpy's gang
homie. The worst is yet to come. That's right, mother
never told me about my evil twin brother. Fuck clicka
one, snatch you faggots off by the braids. You
surrounded by us, muthufucking killers in Escalade's.
Please believe it, ese anybody killa. That's the deal

This is three, ese the third LP
It's the fourth if you know about the shady release
It's ah underground classic recorded sedated
No rhyme duplicated, the storm was invaded
I made it homie, so you could tell who's who
In this game of ours, two thirds are true
And the other third, is me and the Ink
Ain't no room for you bitches, battleships get sink
I extend my wings, the pengillum swings
And see what the fuck an overdose could bring
An expert of terror, can't diffuse my focus
You whack muthufuckas, your style is hopeless
And daily, offense is what I end up seeing
Cemetery's cities is where end up being
G Rabbit Loc, all opponents get smoked
I twisted up ah blunt and took ah Chronicle toke

Shit I'm high as fuck. Ecstacy pills, acid, drinking on
this Heineken's, and ah bag of that Kush shit. I'm
bound to catch ah muthufucking case. The Angel of Death
is from West Side Harpy's. Just so you know. Sick and
tired of all this bullshit ass records out there. Ah
shout out, to toker from brownside. Conejo, Tattoo Ink
I'm The Angel of Death. Rabbit got the scene paralyzed
with fear. That's it I'm out. Taxi. Take me to twenty-
fifth and Hoover.

You're all ah bunch of fucking assholes. You know why?
Cause you don't have the guts to be what you wanna be!
You need people like me. You need people like me so you
can point your fucking fingers, and say that's the bad
guy.So. What that make you? Good? Your not good. You
just know how to hide. Me, I don't have that problem.
Me! I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say
goodnight to the bad guy! Come one. Last time you gonna
see ah bad guy like this again.

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Conejo - Angel of Death
is the track #1 from the album Angel of Death which is released on 2005-03-29. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2005 Aries Music Entertainment Inc
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