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Get Back Home Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Just wanna go home
But you don't know much
It's like my life's on a screen
That I can't touch
I'm on a rush 
For every release
Cause my pen game sick
But can't find no peace
It's for the streets
Homie they in it connected
They got plugged in
The C-Rock method
I am a weapon 
Cause My words are ammo
It's cold tonight 
Throw on a Pendleton flannel
Go through channels 
Of news of the world
Uprise every city
Cause they taking yours
So would there be a place tomorrow 
To be high in the sky no one bothered
I don't know 
And I really can't tell
Cause for some it be heaven
For others it's hell
They wanna sell
There soul's like me
But I was trying to get there
Where them angel's be

Just trying to get back to the source
Back to the origin
You feel me?

[Verse 2]
Some of you were there 
But just take it for granted 
Understand what's it like
Cause I lived it and ran it 
Never plan this
With a Conscience  mind 
Was it the Drugs in my system 
That had me blind
It must've been
Cause what else could it be?
There out to the perception 
Of your sanity 
You wanna stand by me?
You better put on a vest
No matter where I be
I still carry the west
I invested time and space
So you can have something
When you in that place
Doing you 
Moving with the time
Put away the 47 
Step in with the 9
All the time
They wanna wish me hate
They don't know about the problems
That I got on my plate
Wide awake 
The powder do that to you
If you listen to my shit 
Then I wish I knew you

Just wanna run into a mothafucker
Bumping my shit
You know?
Walk with me
C-Rocka SKM
One more time
Get back home
Get back home
Get back home
Get back home

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Conejo - Heavy Rain
is the track #10 from the album Heavy Rain which is released on 2015-06-24. Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2015 Conejo
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